Cougar seeking cub

Cougar seeking cub

It is still more normal to label woman then men, and I think it is interesting how often we use animal terms to label woman. The relationship works for both partners because "they're both at their sexual peak," Buchter explained. I am merely suggesting that stigmatization of pomiscuity for both genders is becoming more popularized, especially with our generation. As for the cougars, Buchter explained, "It's refreshing for women to come across a man who's in his prime and doesn't have baggage. From their perspective, older and more experienced women could be a huge attraction. She was there to provide non-reproductive comfort to me, before I settled down with a member of my age cohort, to reproduce. I was glad to cut the chase… cmcgranahan December 4, at

Cougar seeking cub

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  1. In your essay you focused on the attraction of older women for younger men; however, why does it seem like more and more young men are preferring these cougars over girls their own age? I also really like the feminist approach that you took towards cougars.

  2. In my experience if a cougar was to be impregnated by their younger male partner it would be absolutely detrimental both to their fun single way of life and their social standing in the community. But never, never, underestimate a powerful woman.

  3. I feel like when discussing female sexuality there is a dichotomy between the fertile young woman and the infertile older woman, and the sexual roles of these two are specifically defined.

  4. Some Americans may think of this term as opposite of being devoted to a family, but that is not necessarily true. In my experience if a cougar was to be impregnated by their younger male partner it would be absolutely detrimental both to their fun single way of life and their social standing in the community.

  5. I thought feminist anthropology was a great way to approach the current cougar phenomenon. However, I think this is part of the problem with this discussion as a whole.

  6. Forrest Jensen December 2, at 7: We should take into consideration that this is a preferential choice that these women are consciously making.

  7. I find it interesting that the women in both types of relationships, whether they are dating significantly older or younger men, are labeled in a way that to me denotes that the relationship is all their doing. Why are the women consistently labeled while the men are not?

  8. Backpackers signing up for Tibetan Buddhism courses because of rumors about opportunities for horizontal meditation.

  9. I think the emergence of the cougar phenomenon is an indication that women in their post-childbearing years are no longer being views a dried up old maids, but as sexually experienced and mature women, still considered to be a sexual object.

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